how to report a scammer to efcc

7) EFCC RED ALERT ON SCAM Click Here. FYI; ADAMA A KAFARATI CALLS HIMSELF A JUDGE IN NIGERIA; HE IS A LIAR AND A THIEF SIRS; HE STOLE MY WIFES INHERITANCE AND TOOK IT TO DUBIA TO SELL HER FAMILY JEWELS; PRAISE GOD THAT CUSTOMS CAUGHT HIM AND CONTACTED ME; I JUST WANTED U TO KNOW THE KIND OF MAN HE IS SIRS. Your sim is just there to carry your number/line to make recognising who is calling easy. That's why you will need to provide your petition in a very professional manner. If you want to report crime you simply need to write a petition. The EFCC … Do not forget that petitions without any evidence will not be analyzed properly. NIGERIAN EFCC SCAM | Search for Romance Scammers - Search For Nigerian Scammers - Find Ghana Scammers - Learn about Online Scams - Scam Victim Support Worldwide How to report someone to EFCC? We could point at the reasonable level of leadership in those countries. Tell us about our officer's conduct IN CONFIDENCE. Anyone irrespective of race or tribe can send their complaints(also known as communications) in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese or Spanish to the Office of The Prosecutor(OTP) of the ICC. EFCC now has a department dedicated to ensuring that all officers of the Commission justify the wages they earn from the taxes you pay. Fill in the spaces and submit. I have been scammed - Crime - Nairaland. Just make sure the information you provided is true and detailed. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Maybe the EFCC is working with an organization that is feeding them scammer reports? I need help getting justice and my money and stuff he bought with my money back. Here, patriotism and truth is not found in our leaders and this has made it difficult to try to do something for the country. He then revealed himself to me and is still scamming me. The EFCC checked his account and discovered who had landed this sum of money to him. “Report the hacked account to Facebook (the EFCC cannot take down your Facebook account) by: asking your contacts to report the hacked profile or create a new profile and report the old account. First of all, you can call directly to the Department of Internal Affairs – 094604628. Phone calls 2. Before now, we never knew that folks were reporting Fackbook hacks to the EFCC, but a recent statement by the agency seems to have just revealed that.According to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, some Nigerians report … His number in SA +27780026668. READ ALSO:Benue Flood: Fellow Nigerians, Benue State Needs Your Support. Nigeria’s EFCC. You must attach your name, telephone number and … For over $10,000 How can you get it back for me I can’t afford to pay any money he took it all. Once you arrive at the page, look for “Submit Tip” and click on it. The officers of EFCC investigated this case, and the firm that landed this money was pointed out! you can confirm from Mr. Thomas okebe nwankwo on 08067483152 the branch chairman MHWUN in ministry of agriculture,umuahia. That is the emergency number used in the United States of America. That`s how you can supply your petition with seriousness and do not get troubles with the law. Made me believe he was a good guy and was using a military mans picture to scam me. This is where you list the facts of the matter, attaching where necessary, documents you think will help convince. I have 3 emails working from the scammer from Facebook to will brake open this case. That`s how you can get to the EFCC office. Your email address will not be published. Computer support scams 4. Moreover, you will need to provide evidence. ALSO READ:Someone Should Show This To The President, Governor Ambode And The Nigerian Police. Every evil against man is evil and shouldn’t be pampered, compared or described with witch hunt to lessen its effect. - Nigerians react as Keyamo speaks on FG's menial job programme, Fight against coronavirus: Passengers without QR code won't be allowed to board plane flights, PTF says, PDP suffers big blow as ex-governor, senators dump party for APC in Adamawa, My tweet makes the richest man in the world burst into a cry, Rapper Erigga excited as Elon Musk reacts to his tweet, Wedding photos, video of twin sisters who got married to one man go viral, Money will never be enough: Omotola on Elon Musk being richest man and atheist, Body positivity: Venita shows off stretchmarks in new inspirational post, BBNaija winner Laycon learns to drive himself in his Mercedes Benz car, Yuana: Shekau ba lafiya, yana neman addu'ar Kiristoci da Musulman Nigeria, zai nemi afuwa, BREAKING: Nigerian state imposes 8 pm to 6 am curfew amid second of COVID-19, FULL LIST: Trump's 'loyalists' that have dumped the US president so far, Important things you need to know about dating a Yoruba man. EFCC Press Release: Suspected Internet Scammer In EFCC Net For £54,000 Romance Scam In the course of their relationship, ‘Jackson’ at various times collected money to the tune of … Imposter scams 5. Hi i like to report a nigeian scammer in owo who romance scammed me for 2 years. Nonetheless, do not expect that they can investigate your case right after they received a petition from you. Some African countries have pulled out of the ICC for this reason. Under “Date Of Concerned Transaction”, you will supply the date the fraud was committed. It must be done with great caution and in some cases, it is not a matter of taking precautions but having the stamina to withstand whatever comes out of your action. Prize, grants, and sweepstakes offers … This person has commited fraud which has also led to then theft of my item as they did not pay. “By so doing, the scammer … He bought himself a new car, a luxury apartment, new furniture, clothes, Medications and doctor treatments, new jewlery, new fridge, a new dog and food. It means providing the locations. This is done so that you could be contacted to explain some of the claims and to avoid wasting time and resources on some imaginary claims. Nigeria, They hacked an eBay account and then paid me a false payment of £70 through a fake PayPal. 32 association str, ljeshatedo . email scam examples from economic & financial crime commission. And detain her to make sure she is not btingingbdrugs into U. S. Thank you, Hi i would like to report sgt presson donell and also go’s bye peter james presson donell and also presson bay donell for scamming me out of my money i had no idea that he was a romance scammer he scammed me out of the sum of over $20000.00 I would like you to see if you can try to help me get my money back he has so many gmail account can you help me out thank you kim pozdnikoff. The EFCC has a special order of actions that will decide whether your petition is worthy to look into and investigate or not. Not with any of those conspiring smiling faces that recognise their thuggish language as your ally but with the revolting and defiant face of Adams Oshiomole. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the main agency that collects scam reports. If you don't know how to write reports, it's always a good idea to hire a lawyer. Student loan or scholarship scams 8. One of the reasons for its creation was the reports from Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering. I want the item seized from their possession, it has my address of: greenbank cottage tr2 4lg on the back of the parcel. From The Case Files Of The Nigerian EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Ibadan Zonal Office, on January 21, 2019 arraigned one … That's how the EFCC will know the petitioner. 911 is not an emergency number of the Nigerian Police like most Nigerians think. hi, I am from abia state,a civil servant working in umuahia, precisely, ministry of agriculture, livestock Dept. You can also report crime by visiting the police crime watch site. (3327 Views) Uwaila Omozuwa Rape: IGP Orders Immediate Transfer Of Case To Abuja / Father Reports Yahoo-Yahoo Son to EFCC … The item is not on the way to them with the tracking number: RU753227080GB. Someone Should Show This To The President, Governor Ambode And The Nigerian Police, Benue Flood: Fellow Nigerians, Benue State Needs Your Support, 9ice, Falz And The Yahoo Boys: How We Supported Fraudsters. There are several methods of doing that. It happens when we temporarily ignore evil because any attempt at destroying it at that time, will destroy us and destroy any hope of destroying that evil. How To Report Crime To The international Criminal Court(ICC). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. How can you write a good petition – let's find out! For instance, Dr. Aliyu Usman Tilde reported that he received about 900,000 Naira mistakenly. He scammed me out of all my money of 50,000.00 usd. why would the woman tamper with animal scientists, vet doctors salaries due to them. she puts the money in her pocket. At the same time, you will need to provide all necessary information about the case in the body of your petition. I disagree that we have to pull out of the ICC to avoid this witch hunt. Samuel Joshua You may call this number 09098067946 directly to make your complaints or send a mail to the address Nigerian Scammers baffled by how EFCC is tracking them down! Help Please: How Can I Report A Dupe Case To Sss Or EFCC. It could either be a Ministry, a Department or an Agency. They can get to a petitioner to find out more information about the case. … Their official website is Nigerian 419 Scammers can be reported to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Do not forget that any good petition should have a proper header. FUI ROUBADA POR FARIOS NIGERIANOS ENCLUZIVE DA FCC. In the parcel is a Michael kors watch which I want returned to me immediately. After submitting the petition you are likely to be contacted by officers of EFCC. The people watch, deduce and report crime and unusual movements in their territory to the police and other security agencies. The FTC accepts complaints about most scams, including these popular ones: 1. Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo of the Special Offences Court in Lagos sentenced Chima to … Do You Know Why Charly Boy Was Almost Lynched? You can read up on the scope of the EFCC. You don’t need visit the police or agency for whistleblowing. A woman by name charity ukonu who has serves as one of the salary committee has stopped paying livestock and veterinarian Depts allowances due to them for no reason. These numbers can be used in different emergency scenarios like calling firemen to handle a fire problem, calling the police to help in a crime scene, calling for an ambulance in accident situations, lost etc. You can also be sued by the person about whom you have written a petition. They will give you the basic information about how to report someone to EFCC. Don’t attempt to confuse or bamboozle with words. Urbanization Of Matter Vs Urbanization Of The Mind, What Will Happen If You Refuse To Give The Police Money Along Owerri – Port Harcourt Road. You can also act as a whistleblower and be rewarded with 2.5 to 5 percent of the money recovered. Locked me inside then ran away with my house keys. Doubt the name is his real name. Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to: Local Police – ask them to take an “informational” police report … You can get the contacts of the state PRO’s here. Under ‘Description Of Tip’ , you are to provide a description of how the fraud was committed. Home; Related Sites ; Board Members; SCUML; Scams & Safety You should send your complaints to the address READ ALSO:9ice, Falz And The Yahoo Boys: How We Supported Fraudsters. In instances where EFCC seized exotic cars from them, such are auctioned and money is forfeited to the federal government. I’m sorry for how the thief treated you. When you are brutalised on the streets by men who are supposed to protect you and you can’t get justice in your country’s court, the ICC is there for you. It's an international organization which works with financial crimes. I have been scammed (1162 Views) . This was sent via Royal Mail. Always report scams involving money lost or where you received money to: Local Police – ask them to take an “informational” police report … Their is an antenna in every phone and that is responsible for the network you get and not your sim. Good one, Jeff. On the 2nd he asked to use my bathroom then I went to leave my stuff in the room, he raped& stole my laptop and smartphone with my jacket and house keys. Do not forget to sign and include the dates when you are about to transfer the petition. He is also a cult member who warned me never to disclose his apartment to anyone…that if I try to do that he will kill me 08163345420. Email: or You can also ask for the assistance from a lawyer about the EFCC report. Let's find out here! FBI, EFCC nail Nigerian scammer for $166,000 fraud. Please, help us ask charity ukonu who works as audit salary committee why she has stopped paying us our full allowances 100% as approved by the state govt. The petition should be addressed to the executive chairman of the EFCC. the worst part is that the state governor Okezie ikpeazu is not aware of this situation. she only pays us basic salary. It's a Nigerian agency which is legally responsible for investigating advanced financial crimes, like money laundering and fee frauds. Therefore, you can always get to the officers of EFCC by writing a petition to them. There is something known as the Greater Good. “By so doing, the scammer … Okay, Kay. You will be taken to a page where you have to indicate the organisation under which the crime you intend submitting falls. The whistleblowing policy passed some months ago allows you work as an informant of the agency in anonymity. The entire civil servants in the state weep every month. economic & financial crimes commission (efcc) attention: dear beneficiary, economic & … There have been calls by Africans and African leaders to boycott the court for its perceived witch hunt of African leaders. Thank you. You can should use copy this message to them and provide the appropriate details. The "from EFCC" message is especially pernicious, as it is a message fraudulently claiming to be from a law enforcement agency. After selecting one of the three, select the name of the organization from the drop-down menu. If you want to report crime you simply need to write a petition. 10) EFCC Convictions (2013) Click Here. plz, please please please, Efcc, help us sort this matters out. It includes giving the details, dates or time. I've tried to contact the EFCC, the real EFCC that is, to try to get clearance to … I know his house very well. Where are you? That’s pathetic. The structures of today’s Africa is too weak to deliver justice. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is the organisation in Nigeria charged with the investigation and prosecution of fraud based crimes in Nigeria. After some [Read More], The Defections Are Not Selfless Buhari is incompetent, it is a fact. When a ruler abuses human rights and the rights of his people and get a pat in the back from the courts, the ICC is the next option. Attach as many photo and video evidence as possible. Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, EFCC disowns lawyer who claimed to have resigned to protest, calls him an opportunist, Disregard the report, our website not hacked - EFCC insists, What continued EndSARS protest will cause in Nigeria if youths don't stop now - APC chieftain, After 3 months what will now happen? Therefore, if you write a baseless petition to EFCC, you can not only waste their time but also get into some troubles with the law. EFCC Arrests Suspected Love Scammer The Ibadan Zonal Office of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arrested one Obohor John Damilola for Internet fraud. READ ALSO:Urbanization Of Matter Vs Urbanization Of The Mind. I won’t pretend that all the security men here are after your safety or the world or care about positive change or want you to report crime. How can i report this? thanks. I want to report scammers from Nigeria im from south Africa I got the picture of the scammer I got the picture because after they scam me the guy apologize and I decided to play along and he said he is only telling me everything because of I told him that I am a Jehovah’s witnesses I have his picture they scammed me money using bithcoin ill really like to help the police on finding them I have a real name of a person and he told me that he’s from Nigeria im tired of people scamming others I want to stop crime and work with the police course as I can see where things are going some country they won’t trust Nigerian people just because of this scammers even the ones who are not scammers they will think they are scammers so please I want to help stop this scammers for the sake of innocent people, I was scamed by pressen Donnell also go Peter James presson Donnell under romance scammer. ... (FBI) report on his involvement in computer-related fraud. Crimes against humanity by either men in power or otherwise. Report your scam online with the FTC complaint assistant, or by phone at 1-877-382-4357(9:00 AM - 8:00 PM, ET). Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. READ ALSO: New EFCC Chairman appointed by Buhari One of the reasons for its creation was the reports from Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering. Their complaints must be detailed to minimise the problem of ambiguity and easy prosecution of the case. READ ALSO:Do You Know Why Charly Boy Was Almost Lynched? “Report the hacked account to Facebook (the EFCC cannot take down your Facebook account) by: asking your contacts to report the hacked profile or create a new profile and report the old account. I am hurt and saddened by this event especially because I’ve never met such a heartless person and the Nigerian men I know are sweet and kind and well mannered. From the EFCC: Abuja – Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC… . Mr egwuonwu ndukwe, Director of livestock 08060446748. I am Rey Alaetuo, a conscious Poet and health care professional living in Owerri, Nigeria. You must attach your name, telephone number and address. Can you send this to the EFCC mail address attached in the article above? adama a kafarati is a liar and a thief; he claims to be a judge but he stole my wifes inheritance and took it out of the country of Nigeria to sell her family jewels in dubia; customs caught him but I wanted u to know he is a thief sirs!! If you are in a situation where reporting an evil deed, an evil man, an evil treatment, etc., will destroy you and leave the evil unaltered, it makes no sense reporting that evil deed. “By so doing, the scammer … All that with my money he scammed me for. For instance, you can write a title, like “Fraudulent Activity of the company X.". Hi, I met a Nigerian guy calling himself Deemaa on Mingle, we went out on 2 dates. If you want to be a law-abiding citizen, then you can't just sit still when you see financial crimes in front of you. Before I proceed, I wouldn’t pretend that to report crime to the Nigerian Police, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, or any other body or organization, both in Nigeria or abroad, is an easy task or entirely safe. The petition should be addressed to the executive chairman of the EFCC. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Crime / How Can Someone Retrive Money From Scammer Or Report A Case To Efcc? Ensure that your petition is titled properly. If the EFCC is about to investigate your case, it is necessary to understand the legal basis to do that. I hope the authorities watching pick this up. Contact +2347053196327 or email: The responsibility of securing life and properties is not just in the hands of their security men. confusion is in the ministry. If you write a petition about a genuine fraudulent act, then you will need to provide all necessary evidence to prove the criminal act. There is an email address for the EFCC in the article above. Ignoring it at that time is not stupid or evil itself but wise and better in the long run. I am a member of medical and health workers union of Nigeria (MHWUN). How To Report A Crime To The Nigerian Police. A lawyer can explain to you all necessary peculiarities of writing a petition to EFCC. Crimes where justice have been evidently denied. Please do not allow them to get away with this! 9) Disclaimer 3 Click Here. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) asks every citizen to report if they have witnessed any financial crimes. It means providing the information in a chronological manner. The EFCC has its headquarters in Abuja. Ladies be very careful meeting people via social sites. Your petition must also have a title and a detailed introduction. Is The Nigerian Media Or Any Media Controlling You? details of person who has commited crime towards me: EFCC Press Release: Suspected Internet Scammer In EFCC Net For £54,000 Romance Scam In the course of their relationship, ‘Jackson’ at various times collected money to the tune of … But there’s hope. © 2017. I disagree that Africans should treat the ICC with disdain. However, we encourage you to report to EFCC … Here is how to report crimes you feel or think have been handled poorly by the government. The EFCC acknowledges the situation that has become a very big problem in Nigeria – corruption. “Report the hacked account to Facebook (the EFCC cannot take down your Facebook account) by: asking your contacts to report the hacked profile or create a new profile and report the old account. In a situation where you want to remain anonymous, you should attach a phone number to reach you by the body for further investigation and verifications. An app, Wahala Dey, was launched to that effect and can be downloaded on the Android Market. Writing a Petition to the EFCC. The emergency numbers for Nigerian are 119 and 112. Fake checks 6. You don’t need a sim card to make any emergency calls. Let’s also put aside the fact that any moral logical human being wouldn’t stand beside him. 11) EFCC Convictions (2014) Click Here. Contact: … Emails 3. August and September salaries were affected now. Therefore, it`s necessary to report on any financial mistake or problem made by your bank, office, etc. livestock and vet Depts in the ministry are included in MHWUN and their counterparts in other states enjoy the CONHESS. I am an exponent of humanism and a vigilant Poet. Under “Type of Tip” select the category of the offense. Below is the emergency phone numbers to call the Various Police departments directly in all the states of Nigeria: Abia: 08035415408, 08079210003, 08079210004 08079210005, Abuja (F.C.T): 07057337653, 08061581938, 08032003913, Anambra: 07039194332, 08024922772, 08075390511 08182951257, Bauchi: 08151849417, 08127162434, 08084763669 08073794920, Benue: 08066006475, 08053039936, 07075390677, Borno: 08068075581, 08036071667, 08123823322, Ebonyi: 07064515001, 08125273721, 08084704673, Edo: 08037646272, 08077773721, 08067551618, Enugu: 08032003702, 08075390883, 08086671202, Jigawa: 08075391069, 07089846285, 08123821598, Kano: 08032419754, 08123821575, 064977004, 064977005, Osun: 08075872433, 08039537995, 08123823981, Plateau: 08126375938, 08075391844, 08038907662. Sometime he calls himself olaluwoye seun Daniel or olabafesholluwaseun. SCARS™ SCAM NEWS: Nigerian EFCC Arrest Another 19 Scammers Efcc Arrests 19 Suspected Internet Fraudsters. Facebook: It can speed up all legal procedures connected with the investigation of your case. Reporting crime to the EFCC is very simple. You can also report unprofessional Nigerian Police officers through these means: Phone Call : 08057000001, 08057000002 The address to write the petition is 5, Formella Street, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. You will need to be very professional regarding details in the body of the petition. In the public notice that was released by the EFCC, if the perpetrator is eventually apprehended, he will be charged for obtaining … Your source of information will also be needed. I doubt the real EFCC will ever contact victims and promise them any money back. Like every normal letter, you end with your name and signature. Scam website releases update days after wanted publication. 5) Disclaimer 1 Click Here. You just need dial the code and a receiver answers and connects you to the appropriate channel to handle your problem. Therefore, you will need to understand the whole importance of the situation and include the evidence which may help EFCC in their investigations. EFCC will only try to prosecute or bring the perpetrator to justice to serve as a deterrent to others in the evil act. If you provide the EFCC with enough information about fraudulent or money laundering activity, the EFCC can take action immediately. That the leaders are interested in achieving peace and security of lives and this made it easier to succeed in bursting crimes. Do not forget about the facts to be provided for your petition. Surulere Lagos 23401 Uwaila Omozuwa Rape: IGP Orders Immediate Transfer Of Case To Abuja / #endsars Is It The Job Of SARS To Arrest Yahoo Boys Or Efcc … Twitter: @PoliceNG_CRU All petitions that you intend to write should be addressed to the Executive Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. It's a Nigerian agency which is legally responsible for investigating advanced financial crimes, like money laundering and fee frauds. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Thursday secured the conviction of Iweregbu Daniel Chima. If the crime you are reporting does not fall into into the purview of the EFCC, the commission will either send it to the appropriate body for such case or advise you to. 6) Disclaimer 2 Click Here. Text(SMS) & WhatsApp: 08057000003 What is the Economic Financial Crimes Commission? Demands for you to send money (check, wire transfers, gift cards) 7. How To Report Crime To The Economic And Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC). Designed By: Gidimasters Services. How can you help your country to fight corruption anywhere? Click submit after attaching other files and documents. Chima was arraigned on December 4, 2020 on charges of cheating, obtaining … economic & financial crime commission (efcc) foreign operation dept, lagos – nigeria from the desk of mr.ibrahim lamorde. I have photos of him,which I see I cannot upload here. the former govt(T.A orji) approved the 100% payment of CONHESS when the salary structure came from Abuja since. If you want to report a scammer, go directly to their official website and report through the site, don't reposnd to those e-mails send to you out of the blue supposedly by EFCC. Obohor, a 26-year-old student … A petition to EFCC is a serious matter that can't be taken lightly. I am deeply interested in the propagation of positive human values and behaviour. The Operations Department is the hub of all investigation … 6 Things Wrong With The Invasion Of The Hometown Of Nnamdi Kanu, Can you dare it? It's an international organization which works … You will need to provide evidence. EFCC will get you, any where, anytime. 13) EFCC … Some ex-bankers accused of defrauding the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in the mutilated currency scam have asked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to investigate the … You can also access the official site for whistleblowing and do the following. Anyone can be a whistleblower but you must be sure of whatever you are reporting. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on Wednesday December 23, 2020, arraigned two brothers, Eze Okwuchukwu Olisaebuka and Eze Nnadozie Onyeka and their respective companies … How do I report to EFCC? I hope the EFCC is watching this space. 4) EFCC ALERT Click Here . This organization was established in 2003. Advertise on at very Cheap Rates. The ICC is simply the world court responsible for handling criminal offences against the people of a country or any people by dictators and despots who will never allow for justice.

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