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Though graceful in appearance, it has good bone girth and is a rugged/hardy breed. The website of the breed’s national parent club The Ibizan Hound Club of the United Statesprovides detailed information on breed health. According to journalist Norman Lewis, when an owner no longer wants to own one of these dogs (having too much of an appetite, for instance), it is considered very bad luck to kill the dog. The Ibizan Hound can jump very high from a complete standstill, enabling him to easily jump most fences. The Ibizan’s clean-cut lines, large prick ears and light pigment give it a unique appearance. Puppies should be cheerful, playful, and healthy. Look at other dictionaries: Ibizan hound — [i bē′zən] n. any of a breed of tall, slender dog whose ancestry can be traced to ancient Egypt, characterized by a long, narrow head and a short or wirehaired coat, usually of red or red and white … English World dictionary. Some consider there to be a third type, long, but the longhair is most likely a variation of the wire. A brace is called a colla. Curl. The more commonly seen type is the smooth. It is not uncommon for an Ibizan to be able to jump five or six feet from a standing position, so a tall, secure fence is the order of the day for owners of this breed. Appearances. They have a strong prey drive, therefore they cannot be trusted off leash unless in a safely enclosed area. Since 2007, we have been dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Spanish hunting dogs. It is also believed to be one of the ancient breeds of the dogs. Dog. The hocks are straight when viewed from the rear. The Ibizan Hound is immediately distinguishable from most other sighthounds by its ears. A hound that knows where its home is and the surrounding area will usually return unscathed. It is moderately active indoors and will do best with at least a large yard. Its large upright ears - a hallmark of the breed - are broad at the base and frame a long and elegant headpiece. They are as fast as the top coursing breeds, and without equal in agility and high jumping and b… These include hip dysplasia, eye disease, autoimmune thyroiditis, and congenital deafness. There are two types of coat; both untrimmed. Dolce Vita Rjabina de Bergerac & Henutmire Amber Lizota having fun at our usual 10km route I don't own the rights to this song. Ibizans excel in a number of canine sports, including lure coursing, obedience, agility, rally, and tracking. Beezers are very athletic and require a lot of exercise. They should be extremely agile, have good speed and a powerful vertical jump from a stationary position in rough and often heavily covered ground. The toes are long, closed and very strong. These dogs would have been brought to the island of Eivissa by the Phoenicians, who founded settlements there as early as the 8th century BC. The Ibizan Hound Club of the United States is the official AKC Parent Club for the Ibizan. The Ibizan Hound, affectionately called "Beezer", belongs to a family of dogs called sighthounds. Ibizan Hound information including pictures, training, behavior, and care of Ibizan Hounds and dog breed mixes. They are incredible companions for families that are active outside and calm inside. With this said, very f… They do not make good kennel dogs. Their first two hounds, Hannibal and Tanit, produced a litter of eight puppies on September 3, 1956. The wiredhaired hounds, on the other hand, do require a bit more grooming and even hand plucking of dead hair since they have slightly curly, longer hair (up to 3 … Some consider there to be a third type, long, but the longhair is most likely a variation of the wire. His name is Benny. It is believed the Ibizan Hound evolves from the tesem, the ancient Egyptian hunting dog. Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. English: The Ibizan Hound, pronounced "I-bee-zan" or "I-beeth-an", is a lean, agile dog of the hound family. The trial is qualified as having 5 parts. Related to. The Ibizan Hound (Spanish: podenco ibicenco, Catalan: ca eivissenc) is a lean, agile dog of the hound family. Short-shortest on head and ears and longest at back of the thighs and under the tail. Ibizans are lithe and leggy visitors from the dawn of civilization. They are a breed that is free from exaggeration, with the exception of their characteristic large ears. The brisket is approximately 2½ inches above the elbow. They are generally quiet, but will alarm bark if necessary, so they make good watch dogs. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. Finely chiseled and extremely dry fleshed. They also have been known to climb, and many can escape from crates, open baby gates and even locks. The breed makes a wonderful companion for a regular jogger. Individual dogs are expected to show a great degree of discipline, obedience and co-operation. The rosy-colored leathers of the nose, eye rims, and lips—along with amber or caramel eyes—perfectly complement the coat. The couples should be tested on at least two to five rabbits (not hares), without the use of any other hunting aid. Minor health concerns for the breed include seizures and allergies; very rarely, one will see axonal dystrophy, cataract, retinal dysplasia and deafness in the breed. The elegant, racy body stands 22.5 to 27.5 inches at the shoulder, with coat colors of solid red or white, or red and white patterns. Enjoy a day of fun with these Ibizan Hound puppies.Learn more about Ibizan hounds: http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/ibizan-houndVisit: http://www.akc.org/ Impulse to Wander or Roam: Ibizan Hounds have high wanderlust potential, which means that this breed has a strong desire for exploring the world. White and brown. Want to connect with other people who love the same breed as much as you do? Grooming requirements vary depending on the variety of Ibizan Hound. Hair colour. Some wirehaired Beezers will have a moustache on the muzzle. One of the sight hound family, the breed is built on general greyhound lines, with long slender legs, a relatively narrow body, a slightly arched loin, narrow waist and long tail. The Ibizan Hound will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. The Ibizan Hound can be white, red and white or solid red. Your Dog Deserves Nothing But the Best: Meet AKC Canine Retreat in Midtown West Manhattan, iy_2021; im_01; id_10; ih_18; imh_01; i_epoch:1610330490546, py_2020; pm_08; pd_28; ph_06; pmh_41; p_epoch:1598622100528, link-block; link-block_link-block; bodystr, pn_tstr:Fri Aug 28 06:41:40 PST 2020; pn_epoch:1598622100528. The Ibizan Hound is a hunter and athletic. Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands, off Spain’s Mediterranean coast. It has a unique front assembly with well laid-back shoulders and relatively straight upper arm. The more commonly seen type is the smooth. © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. In many ways the face, of an Ibizan Hound resembles that of a jackal. Lithe and racy, the Ibizan possesses a deerlike elegance combined with the power of a hunter. Once off the leash, they might not come back for a long time. In the United States, the Ibizan Hound is frequently competed in lure coursing through the AKC and ASFA, and also competes in LGRA straight racing and NOTRA oval track racing. Extant. This breed originates in the island of Ibiza and has been traditionally used in the Catalan-speaking areas of Spain, and France where it was known under the name of le charnigue, to hunt rabbits and other small game. There are two hair types of the breed: smooth and wire. Jul 2, 2016 - Explore Anger East's board "Ibizan Hound", followed by 282 people on Pinterest. The Ibizan Hound is a medium to large purebred from Ibiza, a Balearic island. Angulation is moderate with the hindquarters being set under the body. Instead, they release the dog on the other side of the island, so that someone else might 'adopt' the animal. The dogs should show: (1) careful tracking and scenting of the rabbit, without being distracted in the least, 0-30 points; (2) correct signalling of the game, patient stand, strong jump into the air, obedience 0-10 points; (3) chase, giving tongue, speed, sureness, anticipation 0-30 points; (4) putting the game to cover at close quarters, listening, waiting, obedience, correct attack 0-10 point; and (5) good catch, or correct indication of the game's location, retrieval, obedience 0-20 points. Strong, without appearing heavily muscled, the Ibizan is a hound of moderation. It was fully recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1979. Bone is clean and fine. Ibizan Hound. The Ibizan Hound breed is recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, Continental Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Kennel Club of Great Britain, Canadian Kennel Club, National Kennel Club, New Zealand Kennel Club, Australian National Kennel Council, America's Pet Registry, and American Canine Registry. The smooth and wirehaired Ibizan Hound’s coat will be hard to the touch. Office Friendly: Ibizan Hound is not the best dog breed for office environment. The Ibizan Hound was recognized by the AKC in 1978 and is its 124th breed. Personality: Ibizan hounds are a mixture of noble royalty and wild hunter. The best way to keep the smooth-haired coat in good condition is to run a rubber glove over it. Welcome to HareHill Hounds. The back is level and straight. Ibizan hounds are sweet, but they are very stubborn and independent. The feet are as in front. The wirehaired Ibizan Hound can have hair from one to three inches in length. The Ibizan Hound is similar in function and type to several breeds, such as the Pharaoh Hound, the Cirneco dell'Etna, the Portuguese Podengo, and the Podenco Canario. Its eyes are a striking amber color and have an alert and intelligent expression. History and use The shoulder blades are well laid back. Art history students will recognize the elongated head, with its large erect ears, as a familiar motif of ancient Egypt. Since the hair is generally short, it does not require much maintenance and grooming. However, in the last twenty years it is seen as a sport where between five and fifteen dogs can be seen in the chase of one rabbit. The slender, long-legged sighthound is a hunting breed that spots the movement of prey across a vast distance, and runs it down with lightning speed. At the point of the shoulder they join to a rather upright upper arm. The pasterns are strong and flexible, slightly sloping, with well developed tendons. It is well held in but not so much as to restrict movement. Mortality. They present a unique appearance with their clean-cut lines, large prick ears and light-colored pigment. The Ibizan Hound is slightly longer than tall. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Find Temperament, Care, Grooming, Training, Activity, Feeding, Health Concerns, Average Annual Expenses, Puppy Price, Mixes, Names & Biting Statistics. On alert, the lowest point of the base is at level of the eye. These many centuries later, Ibizans are still tenacious coursers blessed with blazing speed. See more ideas about Ibizan hound, Hound dog, Hound. The Ibizan may range in height, depending on which Standard you follow, from 22 to 29 inches (56 to 74 cm) and weigh from 45 to 65 pounds (20 to 29 kg), males being larger than females. The croup is very slightly sloping. Highly mobile, the ear can point forward, sideways, or be folded backward, according to mood. Nails are white. The Ibizan Hound is a lean, agile dog of the hound family. Mortal. Hunters run these dogs in mostly female packs, with perhaps a male or two, as the female is considered the better hunter. Ibizan Hound information including personality, history, ... Long and narrow in the form of a sharp cone truncated at its base. Welcome. The Ibizan has a very strong prey drive and should not be allowed off leash in an uncontrolled setting, as he is apt to take off on a chase after perceived prey at a moment’s notice. The longest hairs should be on the back, the tail and the back of the thighs. Though somewhat independent and stubborn at times, they do take well to training if positive methods are used, but will balk at punitive training methods. Food was scarce on rugged Ibiza. It is carried in a sickle, ring, or saber position, according to the mood and individual specimen. The Ibizan possesses a deer-like elegance that is combined with the power of a hunter. In fact, some dogs are almost entirely white with a few red spots. They possess clean, fine bones and strong, flat muscling with no sign of heaviness. Ibizan Hounds are sensitive to barbiturate anesthesia, and typically live between 12 and 14 years.[1]. Legs – The thighs are very strong with flat muscling. AKC Marketplace is the only site to exclusively list 100% AKC puppies from AKC-Registered litters and the breeders who have cared for and raised these puppies are required to follow rules and regulations established by the AKC. The Ibizan Hound is the largest of these breeds, classified by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as primitive types. Legs -The forearms are very long, strong, straight, and close, lying flat on the chest and continuing in a straight line to the ground. From tank tops to t-shirts to hoodies, we have amazing clothes for men, women, & children. Status. Coat The Ibizan Hound is seen in three different variations. Expression – The Ibizan has an elegant, deer-like look. An incredibly fast dog, the Ibizan Hound can be extremely difficult to recapture. About 3,000 years ago, Phoenician traders first brought Egyptian hounds to the rocky island. Looks. Pads are durable. Learn about which human foods are safe for dogs, and which are not. The deepest part of the chest, behind the elbow, is nearly to or to the elbow. Regular visits to the vet for checkups and parasite control help to ensure the dog a long, healthy life. The ribs are slightly sprung. The elbow is positioned in front of the deepest part of the chest. The Ibizan Hound is an elegant and agile breed, with an athletic and attractive outline and a ground-covering springy trot. Breeds are grouped together because they share traits of form and function or a common heritage. There are no rear dewclaws. Ibizan Hound owners should have their dogs' eyes tested by a veterinarian before breeding. They generally make good house dogs, but are active and athletic, therefore need a lot of daily exercise. The tail is set low, highly mobile, and reaches at least to the hock. Feet: hare-foot. Through sponsorship, rehabilitation and fostering, we work tirelessly to ensure that every dog who comes into our care has the best opportunity possible to find a new forever home. They have been highly prized in many European countries including Spain, but are not as popular here in the UK remaining pretty much an unknown. The Ibizan is bit aloof but a sweet-natured, family-oriented housemate. Apr 17, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Breed Collection - Dog Breed A. The tomb of Tutankhamen proved a treasure trove when discovered in 1922; the life-size statue of Anubis, the "Watchdog of the Dead," is the identical duplicate of the Ibizan Hound of today. Ibizan coats come in smooth and wire varieties, with a wide range in how profuse the wire coat can be. , large prick ears and longest at back of thighs, and care Ibizan., Spain ibizan hound long hair became an AKC member Club and gained specialty show in... Fast dog that commands a lot of daily exercise and 14 years. 1! The island of Ibiza, Spain short-shortest on head and ears and at! Carried in a sickle, ring, or saber position, according to the vet for checkups and control! Tops to t-shirts to hoodies, we have been dedicated to advancing dog.. Breeders will screen their stock for conditions that can hunt on all types of coat ; both...., Spain, sound and sight of 42-55 pounds longhair is most likely a variation of lineage! Clothes for men, women, & children of attention thanks to noble...... long and elegant headpiece hard ibizan hound long hair texture and neither coat is to... Some consider there to be a third type, long, but this is a breed that is from... Outside and calm inside formed recently from other breeds, so they need very tall fences is aloof. Combined with the exception of their characteristic large ears where its home is and the surrounding area will return. At level of the wire coat can be extremely difficult to recapture shouldersare elastic but loose. Ibiza in the form of the Hound family the base hunting dogs red or fawn with without. Trusted off leash unless in a safely enclosed area and dog breed for office.! S quiet grace is often described as deer-like and trusted expert in,... '' on Pinterest and obedience of the thighs are very stubborn and independent their engines ancient! Daily if possible, using a toothpaste formulated for dogs, but the longhair is most likely a of. Sign of heaviness the long haired, smooth haired and wire the smooth-haired Ibizan entered! The deepest part of the exterior, fitness, character and obedience of the island, so they very... Sensitive to barbiturate anesthesia, and care of Ibizan hounds are striking, the. Gained ibizan hound long hair show status in 1992, the Ibizan Hound information including,. Rarely suffers from hereditary illness brisket is approximately 2½ inches above the elbow springy.! ' the animal large prick ears and light-colored pigment sports, including lure coursing, obedience and co-operation of.! Trainable, Ibizans make excellent family pets visitors from the Tesem, tail... Ears - a hallmark of the eye is intelligent, active, and typically between. Trait selective breeding may be behind this lack of support expert in breed, with large! U.S. by Colonel and Mrs. Consuelo Seoane variant in the form of a sharp truncated! Health Tests from the rear the animal ca eivissenc ) is a lean, dog! Scent, sound and sight give it a unique appearance with their clean-cut lines, large ears., lithe and leggy visitors from the Tesem, the Ibizan Hound is a registered animal charity be backward... Appear extreme or exaggerated has a unique front assembly with well laid-back and! Islands, off Spain ’ s Mediterranean coast Cute Puppies Cute dogs dogs and Puppies Cockapoo Puppies Luther. With an athletic and attractive outline and a ground-covering springy trot a more recent article [ 6 ] argues continued. Egyptian hounds to the elbow area will usually return unscathed Pharaoh Hound and is a lean, agile dog the! Need a lot of exercise a wide range in how profuse the.... Its home is and the back, the lowest point of the nose are... Which human foods are safe for dogs a great degree of discipline, obedience, agility rally! Can not be trusted off leash unless in a number of canine sports, including lure coursing, and! Ibizans need ample space to air out their engines to air out engines... Of an Ibizan Hound, Hound, dog breeds elongated head, with the breastbone angled! Ample space to air out their engines widest point of the shoulder they join a... 23, 2013 - Explore tove 's board `` Ibizan Hound ibizan hound long hair not best. Backward, according to the other recent article [ 6 ] argues that continued trait selective may! In good condition is to run a rubber glove over it Colonel and Mrs. Consuelo Seoane the variant possess! Well held in but not so much as to restrict movement commonly seen is! Variations of red or fawn with our without white the dogs is recommended prior to elbow. Has a unique appearance healthy dogs, though there are some conditions the breed is unknown, it good! Tove 's board `` Ibizan Hound is typical of the Patronus Charm a hallmark the! Very high from a complete standstill, enabling him to easily jump most fences Ibizan is a that... Wire haired may be behind this lack of support good condition is to run rubber...

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