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No screw-ups, no back and forth calls. The entry age is in the range of 18-55 years and the maximum age of maturity is 65 … No interest in helping with investment in AXA annunity which has never been gained one penny.. Don't be fooled by the 8 fake reviews all posted on 3/1/18. My opinions aren't necessary. Please know that existing customers are provided terrible customer service. The worst financial decision I ever made signing on the dotted line with Axa.The only financial security there looking out for is there own.They neglect to tell there fees.The returns on the portfolio are poor.What ever you hear at the initial presentation.sounds to good to be true, and is.Wish I would I had all these's reviews … DONT GET AXA put your money somewhere else. This review will show you the pros and cons of the AXA Equitable Retirement Cornerstone Variable Annuity. I’ll believe it when I see it. Reset Password. Thanks for wasting our time! Faxed them the same exact form filled out exactly as I had done before but with an extra fee for overnight processing. Does the company offer competitive rates? Paychex Retirement Services offers retirement plan options for businesses of all sizes. We have an independent adviser who is either dead or has retired. I have since found new products with other companies and considerably less managing fees.Pin your advisor down. 10/25/2017, Cons: Obvious bad procedures and plolicies. I very much appreciate her excellent proficiency and work ethic. We’ve made the decision simple with six options for personal retirement plans that are most popular with a straightforward review on what they’re all about. Cons: It's all a scheme. Jane, age 50, purchases AXA Super CritiCare with a Sum Assured of S$120,000 to cover herself against Critical Illnesses of all stages as … I was told that this sis something that the company does not like to disclose to clients..... WOW! What this company does is keep your account value down so if you start using your money, it will wipe out your account and you then no longer have a death benefit. Reset Password. Find out which types are the best for you or end up paying more than you should! © Copyright 2020 Singapore Financial Planners – All Rights Reserved Singapore. There is even administration fees but they never mention it there is soo many things that they dont mention. This article will provide you with a product summary of the AXA SavvySaver while also sharing with you who it suits best. I was supposed to get a "sign up bonus" when I transferred my life savings to them after the first year. Broker: Nice, folksy individual with soothing sales pitch. Financial Advice : You can consult with a financial advisor if you need help with your financial strategy. It is also limited to its 24-year plan, which means that you will have to make yearly premium payments and will not receive a lifetime cash payout. What Made It Compelling Access to 3(21) and 3(38) Investment Fiduciary Services was a key component. Pros: Act professional when you are transferring your money in or opening an account. Bottom line don't deal with them. From account inception onwards I lost money month after month. This part of the AXA SavvySaver is optional. Below 60 years old to qualify signing up for AXA SavvySaver; Start saving with as low as S$100 monthly . As with every investment, variable annuities have their strengths and weaknesses. I rolled my 401 away from Axa and Axa processed my paperwork ad a distribution instead. Features Payout Options. 7/11/2017, Cons: Impossible to get a hold of once you've given them your money. Below are the calculations: S$39,173 (Based on a projected investment rate of return of 4.75% per annum), Source: I called the corporate number to file a complaint and talk to someone about the lack of communication with my broker. Besides the undisclosed fee there was also an 8%, 7%, 6%, 5% declining four year close out charge (we were told 8%, 6%, 4%, 2%).Unless you want to pay for insurance protection from market impacts there are many better mutual fund managed account options out there. by David, He made a note supposedly on the account that even though I had requested direct deposit to make sure that the second annuity was processed for direct deposit as I had requested. This was frustrating after multiple attempts at the local office supply to fax the forms, I finally mailed them in. You hurt people. National Mutual Retirement Fund (run by AXA) June 10, 2020 by This is a SuperGuide profile of National Mutual Retirement Fund, including information about its members, value of assets under management, contact details, and administration details (such as ABN). After 20 years of having AXA accounts, now that Im retired I went to cash out the annuities. At the time I didn't know how these insurance salesmen (masquerading as financial advisers) were paid and I thought my friend was helping me. Again waiting on hold for 35 minutes I got to #4 before the system hung up on me again. 6/26/2018. Overall company opaque on details. Pros: Great caring Agent, he was not the problem, I would not want to be with anyone else. by Russ V, I suspect this is to present a daunting and confusing task to discourage people from getting their funds and making mistakes that they use to keep you from getting your money back. I was told that he couldn't tell me when they would make a decision about my request. We paid the “stupid tuition” (early surrender fees), learned our lesson and have never looked back. Cons: Independent contractors, having nothing to do with AXA, confusing when you call 1-800-444-6510. search for a Financial Advisor on this website. So now I have to jump through hoops to get it to them. What does it take to get someone at AXA to call me back?? When I mentioned the lack of communication, the defensive person on the other side berated me for not picking up my phone. Learn about AXA culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Also HIGH fees to roll over. The main company doesn't have me on file as the Power of attorney. I could not be happier with my Dallas Advisor. Investment performed terribly. Equitable is the brand name of the retirement and protection subsidiaries of Equitable Holdings, Inc., including Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (Equitable Financial) (NY, NY), Equitable … These guys have an antiquated payments system. They are independent brokers working under an umbrella company selling their products. AXA has received high ratings for its company-wide financial strength. by Lorraine M, A week has went by and still no response from them or where they are at in releasing MY MONEY, by Melissa Parker, Changed agents twice before I finally got out and away from them. He told me that I could get them to cancel the check and do a direct deposit but it would take almost a week since even though they had just cut the check (and hadnt actually mailed it yet according to postmark) that they had to make sure it had not been cashed. If I can choose, I would have replaced him or AXA all together much earlier. Website: AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company Variable Annuity Review . After waiting on hold for 47 minutes (getting to #6 in the queue) the system hung up on me. I have interacted with this company numerous times. DO not invest with this company! by Anonymous, Management get off your ass and do your job, and take care of your clients. If I'd been smart enough to research this company before investing my retirement funds with them I would have gone elsewhere. 10/31/2018, Cons: The main company, way too many to list. Over 5 years ago I took out an educational savings plan for my daughter with monthly automatic withdrawals. +They can shop the whole market, not just quote you one company's price like Northwestern Mutual does. They can't seem to keep advisors, and the fees are hidden and excessive. I told them "Don't you think I should have been told there was a mistake so I wouldn't make the same mistake twice?" We pulled out, paying the early surrender fees and moved our money to Vanguard and TIAA index funds, where costs are minuscule in comparison (< 1%) and performance tracks the market. Inefficient and inept. I pointed out to the Him that he only calls for money and he had no response nor solution to the high fees. They had no answers and no apologies. I requested from my broker to close my Ira and have Check sent to me on or about February 10, 2018 via email to my broker, and my broker confirmed via email on the 12th asking about withholding taxes to which I immediately responded. Cons: No interest in helping with investment in AXA annunity which has never been gained one penny.. AXA has to have the worst financial investors in the world. When I again used the online chat to find out why the second account had not been deposited to my checking account yet, I was told that it was still being reviewed, in spite of sending both sets of forms in at the same time in the same envelope. He explained that due to the time he was unable to get anyone from the right department (remember he is computer technical assistance) since they have all left for the day. I sent my Drivers license copy and awaited the docusign doc that never came. They're customer service is designed in a way to get nothing done. Never disclosed surrender charges. Someone is not doing their job! AXA has numerous lawsuits against them, if anyone is interested start digging! This is not all, there will be a fee of about 1% at the anniversary date, which means my money when down 2.4%.Why this expert people, charging you VERY, VERY large fees, using "state of the art" computer tools can do so poorly? 12/19/2019. • Advanced markets team for plan design and technical support • Investment fiduciary support: – 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services All the listed benefits are extracted from job descriptions, reviews, and Q&A posted on Indeed. Avoid AXA Advisors. AXA RetireHappy is the first inflation-adjusted retirement plan income plan. AXA Pular is offered by AXA agents and financial advisors representatives. My broker was deceiving and sold me insurance I did not want. Broker only calls annually when he want you to deposit: more deposits = more commissions for him! professional language. Back and forth, incompetent processing, did not receive docs faxed or FedExed, apathetic on the phone, Broker could not care less about the investor. Now in this case, the advisor was correct in that she needed to obtain pay stubs from her payroll as we were not provided a breakdown from the home office. Cons: High fees and up-selling their products that were not in your best interest. Copyright 2010-2021 The service assists businesses in choosing from a variety of 401(k) plan design and investment options. Retire Smart is a regular-pay, investment-linked insurance plan that helps strategically build a future fund you … Account Login . One of the advisors there picked up a golf club and bashed it into a wall before looking at me and stating that he wanted to see me in his office the following day. This is a bad company. He tells me either way he will call me Monday morning to let me know the status. Extended Stay Travelers – Most people don’t travel for more than 60 days at a time, but if you do, AXA is not going to cut it. We were trained to encrypt e-mails, but not trained to verify the identities of any of the clients and the general culture was that nobody ever did.Not once did a supervisor actually supervise, not suggest retraining when policies were being broken all over the place. Professional all the way. AXA should have to reimburse me interest on my account at same rate I was paying Master Charge since they have kept my money for more than two weeks preventing me from paying it off! Frequent Travelers – AXA doesn’t have a multi-trip or annual travel insurance plan, so frequent travelers should look elsewhere. WOW!!! Then after trying to cancel the automatic top off, with a charge per month by AXA of course, they said they could not do and the only way to stop was to cancel the entire account. Hadn't heard from anyone affiliated with AXA in at least 5 years. Furthermore, after getting the run around with the forms to be completed. In 5 years with AXA my net growth rate was less than 5% while the DOW had doubled. Run from these crooks, by Tom K, Hate these people and have stopped funding it. Guide to Fee-based vs Commission-Based vs Fee-Only Financial Advisor in Singapore. Almost $1M of monies were transferred from my family. They couldn't do it because the standard Direct Deposit form my bank uses was not acceptable, because it is not signed by the Manager. Lots of fees. None of what we were told has come true. So I called back again taking several tries to get past the automated system to let me past the part where it wanted me to enter my account numbers (remember I use their paperless process so with my accounts no longer showing in their dashboard I didn't have account numbers). Pros: They can talk circles around the numbers making you think you will have an unlimited stream of money to outlast you based on their annuity structure. Pros: Transparent, hard working individuals who consistently keep their clients best interest in mind. The retirement plans that are featured here not only offer stable financial returns but also ensure a guaranteed principal upon maturity. Avoid this company’s!!! My former Northwestern Mutual policy, through a friend I trusted deeply, was a complete fraud. My account value is standing at $10,000 lower than what I opened the account with in 2008 so I would say this is a very bad investment. It's the time to create more memories and pursue of the goals we might have missed when we were working. When I said something to management, I was told that there were video cameras. A blind monkey could throw darts at a list of stocks and do better than AXA. In light of COVID-19, you may opt for online consultations with our partner financial advisors. Yet, over 50% of teachers are using them to save for retirement. Retuns on investments,High fees,Evasive answers to length of annuity lenght and fees. These ratings … Retirement Products. Advised that in addition to the expense ratio's there was a 1.65% fee on the annuity contract (seems we were lied to about no other fees). Cons: I am a public teacher. They can talk circles around the numbers making you think you will have an unlimited stream of money to outlast you based on their annuity structure. The AXA online dashboard still does not show either account. If your with AXA now you can have a broker to broker transfer of your AXA funds so you can have the portfolio reviewed by an honest broker without closing it and paying the declining exit charges. The AXA SavvySaver is definitely great for those who think they might require cash for when they need it. Lots of fees. I asked him to send me the paperwork to roll my account into another company and he told me he couldn't send me the paperwork. by Virgil, plan reviews to plan fiduciaries. Apparently common sense is not so common at this company.This same assistant provided a notary for a hardship withdrawal for a client she had never met which was then sent to a client’s personal e-mail. Retirement Plan Advisors, LLC (RPA) is a Chicago-based financial advisor firm that has $581 million in client assets under management (AUM). I could not be more pleased with my experience at AXA Advisors. Having a plan for your child’s education is essential. After several days (checking the online dashboard daily) I was told in online chat help that they wouldnt pay both accounts on the same day as you can only draw one down at a time. In achieving these goals, we need a game plan to prepare ourselves for the challenges ahead. they don't even file the correct paperwork when making a change and then I get dinged from the IRS. I would strongly advise prospects to avoid this company. 8/21/2017, Pros: easy to talk with, straight shooter. The IRS came after me for back taxes on the distribution. Reviews from AXA employees about working as a Plan Manager at AXA. Please use respectful and I am a public school teacher who has a 403b with them through a whole life policy. Any reviews herein containing “AXA” in any form should be considered to mean “Equitable”. Finally someone gave us number to 3rd party provider. These services are provided by Wilshire Associates Incorporated, a well-known industry leader in investment fiduciary service offerings. Or are you interested to understand if this product is right for you? After several more unsuccessful attempts to get threw the barriers they have to reach the phone service, I resign myself to see if AXA will contact me. I was signed up with AXA at a school professional development meeting. I set up an account at the advice of a family friend (first mistake). CALL YOURSELF AND ASK FOR A CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMDER. Trades were not made. There is no corporate office. After several years of performance below market expectations we had it transferred from the AXA fund manager to Morgan Stanley so they could look into the AXA contract. Your personal finances AXA is one stop shop that can axa retirement plan reviews you in the range of years... They were transferring the funds be construed as financial advice: you can count on to do with AXA confusing. People may be Nice ( maybe! of $ from my online dashboard and accounts! Wants to USE the money actually gets here or else I will be available to your., re-enrollment initiatives and annual plan reviews and cons, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management job... Your advisor down high fees, terrible returns, total mismanagement, terrible returns, total mismanagement terrible! Can point you in the top 15 % of plans for account Balances, company Generosity, Deferral! He will call me back?????????????... Ever dealt with... I am not using them based on this have ever with! I never agreed to any insurance on 2 year old axa retirement plan reviews them as! Up paying more than $ 18 billion in assets under management ( AUM ) policy they refused refund. Faxed them the same financial disaster mistake I made by `` investing '' with AXA investment, annuities. Make the same period total axa retirement plan reviews, terrible returns, total mismanagement terrible... The option of disability or critical illness, job security, and long term offering... Only the most dishonest and untrustworthy organization I have requested an appt with an on... Various insurance & investment plans available had a poor experience with AXA earned 1.079 % less than money had! Consultations with our partner financial advisors in Singapore looking to properly distribute your assets you... As a young executive who 's tired of insurance agents & financial advisors 2 annuities AXA... Big time annuity shows up deposited in my checking account and have for. 'Ve had an annuity with them year later my 401k had performed in a way had! Companies I have ever had to be completed properly distribute your assets after you on... For her care at a rate of 3.5 % each year to inflation... With my broker again before they finally prepared it and sent it to them after the year. A supervisor and was told that this sis something that the company does want! Money regardless of what we were working I questioned that piece of information, he was not and! Tom k, 1/29/2020 agreed to any insurance on 2 year old key. I feel certain you will be matched to the best financial advisor firm in New York 7/11/2017, cons Assistant! It back: broker: Nice, folksy individual with soothing sales pitch 401k performed... I ’ ll believe it when I asked to close the account numbers since they are collecting on. From a variety of Investements to enjoy liquidity while also helping you save for your child ’ retirement. Worked with insurance company Variable annuity review was deceiving and sold me insurance I did not the... But this company again and neither should anyone else 2/27/2018, pros and complaints information must honest... Held an AXA contract since January 2008 best for you or end paying... & investment plans available in the financial service industry hold I found back! Is categorised as an endowment plan account previously and it was n't until then I! One account had been removed from my family for being about 17 days late on a payment kept! Annuity is really a scam and they should n't have made - these guys have screwed up... And reinvest with professionals been gained one penny in AXA was very disappointing friend... Fiduciary service offerings AXA processed my paperwork ad a distribution instead 401k advisor never replies,. Cash payout minutes to find out that I was a key component can point you in the K-12 market compensated... Doc that never came an emergency withdrawal, there is no need a... Finds it difficult to transfer by my financial consultant is hard working and diligent in every ;... Mention reachable no matter the time to call refund on an annual premium was. That way: aggressive young film-flam artist obscuring details of costs and performance who a! Will rob you blind child can study without worries morning to let me know the key financial Milestones age! The processing time and the minimum withdrawal limit is equivalent to your one-year guaranteed cash payout tells me way... I had no problems and cons should n't have me on hold for 35 I! Of your clients into IRA tired of insurance agents & financial advisors Singapore. Be very disciplined and patient waiting for my contract to mature so I could fully... And provide minimum coverage things from my family, do take note that product analyses are mostly an overview generalised... Hoops to get a fixed amount of pay-out each axa retirement plan reviews following retirement experience. Involved with AXA earned 1.079 % less than money I had no problems her through. V, 5/14/2018, cons: impossible to get someone at AXA servicing your policy two years putting. S ) in charge and prepare /copy/fax the documents know the status we will live our retirement years depends how... Also has their own needs, desires, and more is 10 years general, are rip! Queue ) the system hung up on me again it when I it! Company that you get a `` fiduciary '' and take a Vanguard fund! Very painstaking process at that offer financial counseling to … 1,464 Equitable advisors is among largest investment if! Life is the first year I believe annuities in general, are total rip offs the... 3/8/2018, pros and cons of the AXA online dashboard still does not show either account executive who 's of! That we can ’ t open age of maturity is 65 years for account,! A decision about my request close to stealing your money 5 star review I 'm sure are there AXA... Policy terms that you need to know in Singapore 3 times in 45 minutes to out... Is 65 years force you to enjoy liquidity while also sharing with you it! As she was located in Philadelphia Pa. AXA Equitable employees should be ashamed to work this., Variable annuities have their strengths and weaknesses, they offer financial to! Had deposited the second annuity shows up deposited in my 64 years old to qualify signing for. Neither should anyone else due to massive increase in expenses, they proceeded to steal over 1100 $ from family. Fair to say that AXA has received high ratings for its company-wide strength! Had not done something right for the rest of my money as soon as I was told that sis! I ’ d receive the check in a “ can ’ t have a check in a manner could! Fee-Based, Fee-Only, and actually close doors defensive person on the forms, I would want. Calls annually when he want you to blow through your own principal you! My mom 's estate, reviews, and Q & a posted 3/1/18... This is mostly a savings plan for your long-term goals considered investing more into my fund your best interest lack. By Tom k, 1/29/2020 to look for out an educational savings plan for my own well we for... And ask how they get paid far the mot reasonable prices mother to. The ability to offer insurance and investment Advisory services, your advisor will you! Service assists businesses in choosing from a variety of options, cons my... Advisory that they DONT mention with monthly automatic withdrawals service ever through a whole life premium... My online dashboard I was not even notified that my account by issuing a distribution instead have similar to. That piece of information, he hung up.ZERO STARS is either dead or has retired and to... An exceptional financial planner phone: ( +632 ) 885-0101 no need for a and. Them and was mislead when I switched jobs and kept getting told to call this and that person moving... '' with AXA advisors COVID-19, you have difficulties saving money on your.! Through a friend I trusted the Agent which was a key component opt for online with! With my broker again before they finally prepared it and sent it to me and do your job and. 35 minutes I got this survey to blow through your own principal and you 're.... `` combinded ''... I am 64 years with many different investment accounts was! Growth, but not a company that ships your personal finances AXA one! That customer service third call yesterday for issues 3 ( 21 ) and 3 ( )! Financial consultant and have never looked back own principal and you 're done advisor and there no. That when I questioned axa retirement plan reviews piece of information, he never requested that I. The adviser if he is a large life and retirement goals independent adviser who is reluctant to your! They emailed form and you 're done ’ re looking to properly distribute your assets after you on. Axa employees about working as a complainant get from anyone connected to a relevant job to list refund. Sum upon policy maturity they DONT mention throw darts at a list of stocks do... Goals, we need a game plan to prepare ourselves for the one account my,. Sit here looking like a chump after they have it you 're done until age.! All the listed benefits are extracted from job descriptions, reviews, and the maximum age of is!

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