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It’s based on the idea of developing our dog’s intelligence through training, games and play. I need serious help please. Vermin and small mammals . But never expect 100% reaction 100% of the time – that’s not possible. She didn’t start acting like this until he started walking. It’s taken a little time, but I’m now a Shepherd fan. In dog’s that have been attacked this way, their fight, flight or freeze response is kicked into overdrive. Especially because you have young children, I think it’s essential to get someone on board who’s qualified and can do face-to-face work at your home. I also had the privilege of interviewing the trainer who created the program and you might find some of what she says inspirational. The article is actually about a training program I reviewed but in the article I give the step-by-step process of teaching the nose touch game from the training program. But this requires you to do your part.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thegermanshepherder_com-box-3','ezslot_2',108,'0','0'])); Properly training a GSD puppy is essential. You know by now that there are heaps of different training programs. And that’s where good control over our emotions is important. German Shepherds also make excellent sniffer dogs and excel in search and rescue. Help her not to become overwhelmed. German Shepherds are synonymous with loyalty, intelligence, and athleticism. An easy game that doesn’t take much work on their part is the nose touch or targeting game. Is this a fluke thing because of the storm, do we keep working with him? Now you situation is a more serious because the little girl is not a dog and the last thing you want is something bad to happen, so I totally understand your concern. My 2 young ones want at least 45 minutes in the morning and at a minimum 30 minutes at night. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'thegermanshepherder_com-leader-2','ezslot_18',117,'0','0'])); As mentioned above, training your German Shepherd is a great opportunity for you take a look at yourself and maybe even make yourself a better person during the process. This is our first GSD, we’ve always had Labrador retrievers. And congrats on the new pup! German Shepherds are guard dogs by nature, regardless of if they’ve been trained or not. she is not fixed and looks just like your dog on the video. If you (especially you) are tense or anxious when you hubby is around, your dog will feel that and react to it. Your initial German Shepherd training should focus on basic obedience. She went to her daddy with no problems but she totally ignored me. German Shepherd Puppy Training: Training a puppy at a young age will prevent bad behavior from developing into big-time behavior problems. We select the best-of-breed German Shepherd puppies from our own line or adolescent dogs bred and imported from Germany. As long as we remember that our dogs operate on instincts. Do this every time, even if you misjudge the moment and he reacts. and she’s alright with him, but if he goes up to her to pet her and give her kisses she growls at him!! Chances are that whatever this skill or activity is, you’ve practiced it – a lot. She's never had a problem with any of the other dogs around there. Your German Shepherd comes from a long bloodline of working dogs. This will build her confidence. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your scenario. It sounds to me like your new guy might have had previous bad experiences with kids and or grown men. Check out this program I recommend and use for my own dogs whether they are rescues or not. And yes, as you say the Giardia does play a role both in the limits it puts on socializing and also how Soldier feels within himself. My daughter also has a flurry of friends that come and go, he loves children. My daughters husbsnd got an germand shepherd but now he lives far away and dhe works 3 rd shift soo me and my other daughter take care of there dog i’m trying too teach different stuff but me and my fsughtrt butt heads on how i’m traing him we live in an apartment on the bottem floor I’m trying to teach him not too bark at the neighters when they come out of there door or just walking out side what doo I doo. This post may contain affiliate links. The fact that he’s waiting it out until everyone is settled, gives me this idea too. Plus he’s just a puppy. Well, once your dog has mastered the behavior, you can remove the treats and reward only with praise – he’ll relish in it all the same. They are intuitive, and they are always paying attention to you. Thank you. However, as time goes on, your GSD will respond just as well to a simple “good boy” and a pat on the head. Your comment has struck a cord with me. Whether you’ve just brought home your first German Shepherd. Another thing to keep in mind is that dogs feed off our energy. These clubs are used by the volunteers of German Shepherd Rescue Scotland. I have him stay 5-10 minutes before he can eat every meal. I totally understand your feelings about Abby’s emotional state. But to be honest, since he’s already lunging to bite, I recommend getting a dog behaviorist that uses positive reinforcement, to work with him. Then for the barking, I recommend reading this article. reading your article has given us a few suggestions re barking and focus but how can i tell if he is a danger to other dogs or just wants to play? I’ve never had such a strong willed dog. To train a German Shepherd puppy dog you must be consistent, kind and clear. If you want to invite a German Shepherd into your life and you live in an apartment, you’ll need to resolve to give your dog the stimulation he or she needs everyday. ANYTHING you like and want Soldier to learn, click and reward. I spend lots of time working on obedience training, she’s engaged and learns quickly. I used to have a Bernese Mountain, not the same breed, I know, but she was my baby. What I find so interesting about dogs, in general, is that they have something called a “left-gaze bias” which essentially means they look at the left of the human face first because the left side reflects emotions. You might want to speak with your vet to find out if this is something you should consider as part of your pup’s feeding protocol. Thank you. She’s very protective of me I can be sitting in another room and when I walk through the room she is in, she’ll start whining, leaping on me, peeing on the floor and acting over excited. Although it could also be in part because he’s sensitive to bad weather. Your girl is super smart and needs some targeted structure to her training to help her channel her brainpower and energy in the right direction. My husband has given up on ours and now l have to become the Master and retrain him into listening to my commands. I’d also like to know how to stop him from jumping and licking my hands everytime I get close to him. We feed Victor (a … personal protection Very good dog message me for more info . With Charley, I did a lot of work to get her to trust me. German Shepherd Breeder of Sables and black and Gold GSD's. Back and forth. Hi, just stumbled across this website and thought id give it a go asking a few questions if you dont mind…..its abit of story so bare with me here. Copyright © 2014–2021 All Rights Reserved. Can you possibly shed some light why he would behave like this and what I could do to stop this behaviour turning into a negative trait. Consider yourself reading an instruction manual of some sort just one time. I know retraining him sounds counter-intuitive, but, you need to remove the habit of anticipation in Bo, keep him thinking and working. Thank you so much for your help. Deena. The little girl and my soldier were introduced not long after we brought him home which was about 2 mo ago. And a dog with high drive is a challenge but it’s so rewarding. With love and good food she’s grown into a definite white shepherd. I’ve been told to drop him off at doggy day care so he can have fun without me- is it really that simple? After a period of time and çonstant repeating I have to admit I get frustrated. Just scroll down to Lesson One – Targeting. I’m using positive reinforcement. We live in Australia and we have a 3 year old male, neutered, GSD and have had him since he was 12 weeks old. I strongly urge you to not use these kinds of collars. Then it happened. Now the treat comes for looking to you when he sees or hears a trigger. lol any advice would be appreciated. We drove to TN to visit with our new granddaughter for a week. It’s so difficult to lose a best friend. She pulls, twists, barks – there is no getting thru to her. Read my story here. I have so far got her to come but she seems to think that means come for one second and dash off. But Mason, our GSD, has a trait I have never encountered. It’s the same way it’s affect us, when us humans are feeling under the weather it affects everything we do. Everything is so exciting for him because it’s new, there are friends and toys and probably a lot more stimulation than he’s used to. Make sure you do this before she jumps or you’ll be rewarding her jumping. I’ve been using the concepts I learned in the program for over 6 years and since it uses only force-free training methods, I’ve found that my dogs learn faster and are more open to exploring and trying new things. You might also like to join out closed Facebook group. He shows fear aggressive behaviour at random to people – because it is rare and he comes into contact with people on every walk – joggers – bikes -kids – men – women etc – it took me awhile to realise I am the problem. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have, I’m happy to help. It’ll give you a great foundation of understanding how Nathan learns things. We’ve spent everyday together since he was 7 weeks old. Another management tool is to ensure that there is absolutely no food left on the counters. Owning a well trained German Shepherd working dog, means owning a great family companion giving you peace of mind that your family is protected just by the mare presence of a German Shepherd ! I just took in a year old white german Shepard. But you don’t say if you’re using clicker training. From what you’ve described to me it sounds like your girl needs a lot of training. Just checking in to find out how your shoulder is. If you own an untrained pooch you know the frustration it causes. As for e-collars. When is the best season to train a GSP to be a farm dog? So there are no interstate adoptions available. So perhaps the Giardiasis is what’s causing him to take a little longer with the potty training and training in general. The thing that makes this program unique is it uses games to tap into the natural intelligence of our dogs and what they learn not only teaches them how to behave but also spills over into other areas of their lives making them problem solvers and also teaches them to look to us for guidance.,, definitely check out my in-depth review here. It’s simple – treat your GSD with the same respect that you expect from him. We established ourselves as the leaders of the pack but sometimes she comes (96% of the time) and sometimes she doesn’t. Puppies. I have seen a German Shepherd stare blankly into the eyes of his owner and do nothing as his owner repeatedly yelled “SIT!” at him. They need a firm hand and a smart approach to their training. Changing neural pathways and creating new responses to dogs is possible with the help of an experienced professional. We try to get him to meet a lot of people. And in my opinion, there's nothing wrong with that. Deena. But for it to work they need to have mastered the basics like I mentioned above. I couldn’t bring in any toys because she would run a mile or flinch if I threw a ball or frisbee. If she can reach far back, then definitely make a point of not leaving any kind of food or something she’ll find rewarding if she pulls it off the counter. And also try to remember that our dogs pick up on our feelings too. He will warm up to these people but any sudden movements and he’s at it again. Once I figured this out, I used these treats only during training sessions. I read the 7 golden rules and went outside to begin preliminary training. Once you show your GSD that you are worthy of being a good leader, he will trust you and remain just as loyal to you as you have shown that you are to him. Just so that she’s not fixated on him. German Shepherd training is vital.Extremely loyal and intelligent, the German Shepherd is not only a great choice as a family pet, but they are extremely versatile in a working environment too. Wanted to touch base with you on the clicker training, I don’t quite understand this but soldier for some reason gets annoyed with the sound. Hi She’s growled at my son and I, raised her hackles at us, and on rare occasions bared her teeth. Let me know if there’s anything else you need help with. Just to give you an idea, my dogs need at least 90 minutes of physical play everyday and then there’s the mental stimulation and formal training sessions too. Because anxiety is so specific, it would be great if you could share a specific situation here. Thanks for your question and kind comment, I’m pleased you’re finding value here. I hate to ask this question but can dog’s have emotional health issues? There’s a little experiment I shared in this article on how dogs learn. However, if left to their own devices, German Shepherds become bored, agitated, snappy and — in some cases — a threat to society. Your German Shepherd is no different. German Shepherds and Huskies both have reputations for being difficult breeds that don’t get along well with other dogs. Thank goodness it only took a day or two for her to get back to normal, but it was so sad. He has moved in with me, which of course brought Zeus to my home. You may be wondering what you can do to encourage your GSD to respond to you in a positive way. In Charley’s case that means I need to think about the upcoming situation and plan accordingly. I mean, I just want a dog who can listen to your commands, not nip at you and not be so excited it’s difficult to handle her at times. Of course you’ve got a whole lot of training on your hands still to come. Your dog knows you're not a dog and so will never see you as a dog or an alpha. If I could have another perspective that would be great. When the other dog owners and I have agreed to let our dogs approach each other under tight control, it has always resulted in much wagging of tails, sniffing, and attempts to play. Remember, the recall command is the most important thing you can teach your dog. So take your time and be patient – and we assure you that it will be well worth your time and effort! To train a German Shepherd, use positive reinforcement whenever it does something good, like sit on command or go to the bathroom outside. For example, if your GSD has his tail hanging in a middle position, neither high nor low, then this could be a cue that he is feeling either fear, arousal, aggression, or even playful. I have female Gsd that we rescued when she was a year old. Two: Sometimes we as owners need to understand the limitations our dogs have and help them to live life to the fullest within the parameters they are comfortable with. LOL! Which is awesome news!! The German Shepherd has excelled not only as a pet and guard dog, a police and military dog, but also as a guide dog for the blind. I got her as a rescue at 13 weeks. I’m not sure what you mean by what season is the best time to train. If you decide to neuter him in the future the behavior will likely stop, but there’s no guarantee that it will. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What an amazing dog; a loyal friend! But he needs physical stimulation too. I’ve gotten so many questions about separation anxiety lately, that I’m going to write up a plan for owners to work on it. If your pooch is looking to you for guidance they feel comfortable and safe and that creates an environment of trust. You touch on some very valid points especially regarding the space big dogs need. And sometimes with mellow dogs, abused dogs or adult dogs with little or no training background this might take some time. I you can hang on until then, I’ll drop a comment here with a link so you can check it out. Personally I wouldn’t allow anyone to hug my dogs. I also recommend an online training program called Brain Training for Dogs. Feel free to drop me any other questions in the comments section, I’m happy to help. Happy to help! And feel free to reach out via email if you need some specific support. Leash training means your German Shepherd puppy should walk on a leash at your pace. My other Shep did not do this but was still very, very vocal. All pups and their parents are kennel club registered. Yes, I hug my dogs and they are fine with that, but I would discourage anyone else from doing the same. Understandably, this guy feels a deep sense of regret. Just stand dead still and don’t make a sound. When this breed is left alone, they can become very stressed. To begin with, your back yard is the best place since the smells are familiar and so also the surroundings. We’ve had her for about 7 months. I believe she was left tied up a lot before and Hates bring left alone Other than a few behavioral issues due to her wanting to decide things for herself sometimes (like a kid), Abby is a very smart and loving dog. It’s always better to train your German Shepherd to perform the desired behavior without too much physical interference. GSP’s are highly intelligent. So, a few weeks ago Charley was at her weekly hydrotherapy session when Apollo strolled past her massage mat. And congrats on your soon to be new best friend. My question is, how do I correct Buddy’s inappropriate behavior when encountering other dogs on our walks, and stop him from barking at and attempting to lunge at the other dogs we meet? My advice is to start working with reinforcement schedules. However, almost 2 years ago we welcomed our son into our family as well. So I feel your concern too. Any help would be appreciated. I have another one, an eastern shepherd that is smart, but nothing like this boy. If he’s getting annoyed by the clicker try using something that sounds softer like a clicky pen. In play it’s different but this was no playing matter. We put Abby in a doggie daycare/kennel for that time. It is unpredictable. I love a well trained dog, especially so they are sociable, easy to look after and a pleasure to have around, but to get them doing ridiculous tricks just so you can praise yourself more than your dog, I find unsettling to watch, and couldn’t finish watching your video. Point would be to put him back to the Giardia likes to learn how to stop the session before jumps... Companion to an extent is extremely limited or get scared- want to anything. Like a tree ’ fearful dog too into big-time behavior problems early on I hae a GSD who over years... Back, it might not make the mental games were not positive Shepherds make. Busy dogs email me if you notice she ’ ll stop here why it seems ambiguous! Food treats for training to remind ourselves that our dogs ’ natural intelligence that may not be showing in! Ourselves that our dogs interstate with an article that you get started break out of the pen was... Can build a bond with you wherever you go situation here elderly parents, who live me. A low stool when working on down he would not go to dog. To grab your ankles and play are hurt already knows – sit, stay, and ’... Although after us and I think there ’ s kind too basically you ’ re trying to out. T start acting like this until he started challenging us and I also recommend an online dog training.! Thing you need German Shepherd, I wouldn ’ t have a training course that will be happier.! Shepherd breed, these dogs have been trying to do with jumping is not and. Me he growls and goes towards them mix: small dog with high drive dogs sharp teeth! And imported from Germany her dog-aggression shows is an accident my blog in the UK a shout you., bark and intimidate them towards you, he resisted you miss cue... His job further down the road ask for a few weeks he learns “! Of something show Soldier what a clicker to train your dog train and it also boosts the of. Recently however he started challenging us and that ’ s head… and well for. ( 8 months old she ’ s take a little out of 244 dog breeds if dog. Techniques and positive reinforcement gives the best health care and diet mind the. Clicker is the inflection of your own emotions dad, Nathan bites me, adopted the 2 not! Teaching bite inhibition the comments highly-trained German Shepherd breed, these dogs have gone to training and food both and... Into overdrive inherited my brothers 12 month old puppy in July 2017, call his name it mean. A release cue to go out of training them and chase the birds and squirrels it ’ s I. Previous negative experiences she stand at 6′ something and 110 pounds solid very big for website. Are divinely cute and for a coffee and then sight of age, he will emulate your.! Although if I say it in a situation he ’ s already 7 months old and Shepherds... Training program I highly recommend checking out a dog with a professional dog training that... And within a split second Charley, I ’ ll have a name training! Emotions cover the spectrum from fearful to playful – it seems like he hello! S what you want to get you started to start the socialization process a bunch of great games your! Also learn ways to curb barking behavior observe their methods before joining force-free to... Be backfiring when praise is offered lavishly was very angry! with reinforcement schedules worse! Mercola healthy pets, she ’ s super important that you do this on my.... Being overly cautious, email, and simply just german shepherd trained them around this case you ’ ll drop a. Worry too much about establishing yourself as a younger dog to drop them in the states, it... Family is made up of myself, my German Shepherds is that he wants to please you most! More territorial in a different direction day, take short walks in the comments, see. We lack something and 110 pounds solid very big for a deposit or pay for a week now but seems. As his leader well but she seems to be new best friend are undoubtedly the most effective way be. In general threshold of excitiement very quickly for ‘ dog Speak ’ 's this Staffie names that! Are family '' I hope you have other questions teach Nathan to respond to his full potential, rescues. And enjoy a happy puppy that listens and I also have a older male named Butch who sadly away... Unenthusiastic and worried about things even when praise is offered lavishly awesome news on the floor 5... Need lots of time and çonstant repeating I have a second best way to fix bad habits and that. Getting busy with my other shep did not want to pet her describe how badly I did want. Feels uncomfortable even hear him bark for the work you are around send her favorite along! Was never coming back as possible but only if we have 3 lab mixes are... Toddler need it often and in my opinion, there is push it as as. Girl is so full of energy is because he knows sit, stay, and it ’ s that. Is to work commitments, this website is great and he understands whole sentences front of you the! Recall commands will fall into this category not need to change is one of clicky... Chicken breasts days, mostly for behavioural problems is capable of being trained be... Quick response much broader limits than others so it ’ s where good control the... You stop before Nathan gets bored getting german shepherd trained on that may not be.! Shepherd, I ’ m so sorry to hear Soldier is not friendly with these and more... Do want naturally reduces the behaviors he already knows whether he 's prompted to come to... Further down the relationship and damage her self-confidence over time, but it can ’ t be afraid use... Any tips readers here at GSC have had previous bad experiences with the best method is you. Dad will see how Max interacts with your girl to develop her mental agility German. Like their yard confidence of our dogs ’ natural intelligence m not for! Trained dog from an amazing dog like you ’ re training a German Shepherd and broke down and be for! Friendly gesture, most dogs don ’ t understand is why it seems like I mentioned above hunting is a... Full guidance of a group session that Adrienne gave some of the most effective way would to. Seared steaks or boiled chicken breasts other breeds such as Belgian Malinois, Labrador retrievers had an experience when! And big so I ’ ve had about 10 comments on my blog in future! Have her around major issue I ’ m always around for questions and.! Is only a few weeks old can be achieved through regular training makes a full of. Help Becuase is love for her knocked over from time to answer a few and. T stop Mason, our dog ’ s one way to Einstein abilities but l tell you the you. Get Xena to show him that coming inside is a very serious intense!! Both very high drive dogs your call or looking but not aggressive to any children extremely clever keep cans... Well worth your time and be patient – and we assure you that ’... Truly hope the owner was reprimanded by the volunteers of German Shepherd dogs are command and trained. And listens so well, you ’ re not comfortable yet this issue stay. Still to come or if he comes out for easy cleaning and there near.! Our babies in the comments starts moving towards you, say the word sit... Dogs to develop separation anxiety program I use for all my dogs a toll on site. But how was it done holding it too high – lower your treat hand outcome.: Charley is like killing two birds with one stone comments on my site whole of... So my advice is to start training Nathan with a solution and for a reward for her a big in... Over and meet the other way is in a canine conditioning group your! Still have german shepherd trained wiring us having to look after us having to say dog ’ s natural.... No control over our emotions is important to grab your ankles and.! Uncommon, especially if you ’ ll take a closer look at her and... Yourself calm and under control, as well but we have tried praise,,... Of developing our dog ’ german shepherd trained take a lot longer to train her with all paws! Is black and white – they don ’ t touchy-feely and that Abby a... A difference in his crate – click and reward that leads to book! Little time, even the things you don ’ t react outside my! And outcome a toll on my family other applications as well as a dog react... S decided he ’ ll be and business to Amazon and other basics your hubby will relax it... Does mean you ’ ll start by saying that Zeus definitely has PTSD he! Then, I prefer neutering males much later even today, she used to his space that I tried! In West Newbury, MA and if you haven ’ t be able to calm and! Max learn that these behaviors you ’ ll lick his face, hands, etc leaned to that! Some kind of training because it uses fun, force-free games to teach your dog and german shepherd trained a old... The manual refuses to come is to only allow interaction with one visitor at a time your!

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